VERZUZ Playlist - Johntá vs. Ne-Yo

This is a round for round playlist of the VERZUZ Battle between these two legends. Some songs are excluded due to availability on the streaming platforms that we choose to share our playlists on.

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VERZUZ: Johntá vs Ne-Yo
Round 1: Get Gone vs. That Girl
Round 2: (Miss You) vs. Unfaithful
Round 3: It's Like That vs. Knock You Down
Round 4: Don't vs. (She Got Her Own)
Round 5: Stingy vs. Own It
Round 6: Yo (Excuse Me Miss) vs. Stay
Round 7: Don't Forget About Us vs. Spotlight
Round 8: Just Be A Man About It vs. Do You
Round 9: Shortie Like Mine vs. Bust It Baby, Pt. 2
Round 10: I Need A Girl vs. Go On Girl
Round 11: Sweet Lady vs. Make Me Better
Round 12: Like You vs. Leave You Alone
Round 13: With You vs. So Sick
Round 14: Shake It Off vs. Take A Bow
Round 15: Can't Help But Wait vs. Sexy Love
Round 16: I Don't Wanna vs. Flaws And All
Round 17: Come Over vs. Miss Independent
Round 18: Poppin' vs. Mirror
Round 19: Be Without You vs. Let Me Love You
Round 20: We Belong Together vs. Irreplaceable