VERZUZ Playlist - RZA vs. DJ Premier

This is a round for round playlist of the VERZUZ Battle between these two legends. Some songs are excluded due to availability on the streaming platforms that we choose to share our playlists on.

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VERZUZ: RZA vs. DJ Premier
Round 1. Liquid Swords vs A Million and One Questions
Round 2. Bring Tha Pain vs. Breakin The Rules
Round 3. Maria vs. Mathematics
Round 4. Wu-Gambinos vs. The Enemy
Round 5. Run vs. MC's Act Like They Don't Know
Round 6. Shame On A Nigga vs. Real Hip-Hop
Round 7. Protect Ya Neck vs. Livin' Proof
Round 8. Cold World vs. Devils Pie
Round 9. M.E.T.H.O.D. Man vs. Just To Get A Rep
Round 10. Motherless Child vs. D'Evils
Round 11. Verbal Intercourse vs. NaS is Like
Round 12. Buck 50 vs. The ? Remainz
Round 13. Ice Cream vs. Unbelievable
Round 14. Brooklyn Zoo vs. Come Clean
Round 15. Shimmy Shimmy Ya vs. Kick In The Door
Round 16. Long Kiss Goodnight vs. Above The Clouds
Round 17. Assassination Day vs. N.Y. State Of Mind
Round 18. Criminology vs. DWYCK
Round 19. Incarcerated Scarfaces vs. Boom
Round 20. All I Need vs. 10 Crack Commandments

Round 21. C.R.E.A.M. vs. Mass Appeal
Round 22. Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing To Fuck Wit vs. (Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers)
Round 23. Dark Fantasy vs. (Classic)
Round 24. Triumph vs. Represent
Round 25. (Tanasia) vs. Friend or Foe
Round 26. It's Yourz vs. So Ghetto
Round 27. Gravel Pit vs. Ain't No Other Man
Round 28. A Better Tomorrow vs. I Gave You Power
Round 29. New Day